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Fishing In Piscatoris

Jagex has added skill pets to Runescape and I figured it’s about time I have something cool that wasn’t the kitten from Gertrude’s Cat or the Hellcat from Recipe For Disaster (which is just a kitten/full-grown cat that turns into a hell cat after catching evil mice long enough). I also needed a higher fishing level for completing the achievement diaries and figured that the Heron (fishing pet) would be a great pet to go for.

Unfortunately, it’s taking forever! Okay, I haven’t been playing a lot. With so much on my plate, it’s usually difficult to find time to play. However, I’ve decided to finally crack down and get to work on it (especially since it doesn’t need a lot of my attention). I started at level 63 and now I am 8.6k monkfish in and level 76. Wish me luck!

Runescape Memes Part VI

So it’s been a long while since I have posted anything, and it’s really surprising how much time went by. The last month and a half have been really hectic in my professional and personal life to the point to where I forgot I had a blog for a while. From dealing with the legal system to losing a best friend, and going from feeling like my life was falling apart to be being okay again, it’s ben rough. That’s why I’m happy to do another Runescape Memes post. These always make everything a little brighter (even if they aren’t that funny!) because they are so true.


These people always annoyed me back when I began playing. Especially now that I know how easy it is to make money in the game. I feel like this is their exact expression when they decide they’re going to do it too. “Oh, I have forty-five million in the bank but I’m still going to beg for money.” Or, “I don’t feel like doing anything on here. I’m going to beg for money.”


I laughed when I saw this one because of how right it is. Whoever made it, I give you kudos. Last year was a tough year for everyone with the election and other political debates. I hope this year is better.


This quest has always made me mad. Both Romeo and Juliet were written to be so stupid, especially Romeo.


I have always loved these memes, and when I saw this I almost died laughing. This is my second favorite to the “I asked if he wanted shrimp for dinner, he called me a noob,” one.


When construction first came out I was so excited. It’s funny because ever since I was younger I would always picture this when I thought about decorating my living space (whether it was a house, bedroom, etc).


I chose this one solely for the fact that it involves Harry Potter. If I looked into that mirror, that is exactly what I’d see.


This is when anyone won’t leave you alone. In real life, I’ll tell people to stop ice barraging me, or say, “Begone, Tele block!”


I had many of these moments while getting my quest cape. Especially when I went to go buy it and the Wise Old Man told me that I didn’t have all the requirements. I still have to do the wish list from Rag and Bone Man. Oh, I was so mad!

Runescape Memes Part V

This week I picked out a set of memes that I thought were really funny. I’m still working on some ideas for my own Runescape memes, and I’m considering doing some hardcore Ironman ones since I’ve had my account for about a week and a half now. Until then, however, I have more from google.


I wish I would have thought about stuff like this when I was younger. I had a male friend who would have probably fallen for it, too. Back then, Santa hats were one-hundred and twenty-million coins. I would have died if I would have had that much money.


So when I was younger, I didn’t know that there were bots in the game. I just figured that those people just didn’t want to talk to me. When I started playing again, everyone was talking about how the game was flooded with them, and now I see them a lot. Member’s worlds usually don’t have them unless what they are botting is a member’s only thing like magic trees or monkfish. I found this meme funny because of the tiny fist that it’s zoomed in on. I never realized that the characters have balled up fists. Ha ha.


I think we are all guilty of having a Runescape YouTuber or moderator that we adored, and added them hoping that they would log on and talk to you when you said hi. I was never that fortunate, and it’s pretty sad. I thought this was funny because you can picture this in real life when you had a crush and was hoping they would notice you sitting right behind them in class.


This doesn’t happen as much anymore now that we have the glorious OSBuddy client where we can look up player’s stats on our own. However, I do sometimes get someone who doesn’t have OSB that asks. I used to find it funny that no matter what you said your level was, everyone said, “Nice.”


When I first decided to post this one I thought I’d be giving my secret away, but then I realized that I’m honest with people and actually tell them that I can’t go out because I’ve got major grinding to do on Runescape. Haha, no one understands me.


You don’t see this much anymore, but remember when you couldn’t walk from Lumbridge to Varrock without getting ten offers to buy you as a girlfriend or boyfriend? Those were the days. Part of me was hoping that I’d get those offers again when I started playing after eight years because I have such great comebacks now. I only got two though.


I never noticed that there were plants called, “Drakes” around the game, so I thought this meme was really funny. Of course someone would come up with the idea to put Drake’s face on a flower.


The greatest salty player right here. I loved those people who were so tech savvy that when someone was mean to them or whatever they were able to completely destroy their accounts. Teaches them the lesson to be nice over the internet. Unfortunately, when I got hacked it wasn’t because I hurt anyone’s feelings. Someone was just being mean.


My boyfriend and I talk like this all the time. “Honey, there isn’t a skill for that yet.” or, “Will you make me food? I don’t have as high of a cooking level as you.”

Hopefully next week my list will consist of memes that I made myself. Maybe, maybe not.

Runescape Memes Part IV

Alright, so looking for Runescape memes has officially become a hobby of mine. In fact, I’m thinking about making my own here pretty soon because I’ve got a lot of ideas that would be really cool. While I was looking them up, I found a couple of pictures of Runescape-themed merchandise that I really want in my life.


I’m not into “Yo mama” jokes, but for some reason when they are Runescape themed, I fall apart. For those who don’t know, “Chins” is short for “Chinchompa.” These are little ferret-like creatures that you catch to use as a ranging weapon. When you throw them at something they explode. I laughed so hard at this one that I almost rolled out of bed.


I did fall out of bed at this one. I found this meme a long time ago and decided that I would share it because it has so much meaning to my boyfriend and I. Also to one of my Runescape friends that will find every reason to call me a noob even though my stats are pretty breathtaking. I really like how you can apply Runescape to just about everything in life.


One day, I’m going to have a daughter tell me that she has a boyfriend and I’m going to say, “Now you worked so hard at achieving your slayer cape, so don’t do anything stupid. You know boys are only out to get one thing.” And she’s going to be like, “I know, mom. My username and password.” #parentgoals


I decided to share this one because of how true it is. Every time someone brought up Runescape or I thought about it, I had to log on to see what was new and play it. I started when I was ten and quit at thirteen after getting hacked and having everything taken from me. I started playing a little over a year ago and haven’t stopped.


One word: bots. Once I was walking around and these other players started to follow me around wearing the same outfit I had on. I love when that stuff happens.


When I first read this I wasn’t sure what “fire cape problems” were, and then I just figured that it probably meant someone was having issues killing the Jad to get their cape. I still haven’t gotten mine and I’m not sure if I ever will. My quest cape is the cape for me (until I get my farming cape). But right after I get the farming cape, I’m getting my fire making cape so that I can trim my farming cape and make it look cool.


This is one of my favorites. There are no words to describe how sunny the game looks and then there’s no actual sun. I like when you find your way to the edge of the game and there’s complete darkness. I discovered it in the desert once.


I miss these moments from back before the grand exchange and the amount of players that have switched to other game modes like RS3, Darkscape, and Deadman. Lucky for me, though. I don’t have to share magic trees!

And the grand finale. I saw these mixed in with memes and realized my intense need to have this outfit in my life. It is track pants and a sweater, but I won’t be running in them.



Runescape: Top Favorite Quests

While writing a couple short stories based off of my favorite MMO, Runescape, I decided to make a list of my top favorite quests that I’ve completed over the course of playing. This isn’t an entire list since there are a lot of other quests that I really enjoyed, but these have to be my top ones that I would suggest anyone complete if they play. However, most of these have a list of other quests you must complete first.

Before you continue, I want to warn you that there are spoilers. So if you have not completed any of these quests and plan on doing so, please do not read until after you have.


A Soul’s Bane

It was not the combat that drew me to this quest but the story behind it. A little boy decides he is ready to venture out into the world only to get driven crazy by his own mind. Now twenty-five years later, an adventurer is recruited by the boy’s mother to go find him in the rift. Each level contains monster’s that you must fight in order to overcome the nightmare: rage, fear, confusion, and hopelessness. Then you must defeat the three phases of the boy, ultimately freeing him from his own insanity and returning him home. I loved the message that the only way to overcome what goes on in your mind is to fight it.


Recipe for Disaster

The evil Culinaromancer has been resurrected to try and take over all of Runescape! But with your help, and the help of Gypsy Aris, you can free each leader by feeding them their favorite food (much easier said than done).In this ten-part quest, you are tasked with having to free eight of the world leaders of Gielinor: The Mountain Dwarf, General Bentnose and Wartface, Pirate Pete, The Lumbridge Guide, Evil Dave, Skrach Uplogwee, Sir Amik Varze, and King Awowogei.

After this, you have to face the Culinaromancer himself, but not before having to defeat his minions: Agrith Na-Na, Flambeed, Karamel, Dessourt, and Gelatinnoth Mother. Even though this is the longest quest in Runescape, it is most definitely my favorite by far because of all the adventure that comes along with it. The ability to swim underwater and roaming around Ape Atoll as different forms of monkies are only two of my favorite things about this quest.


Haunted Mine

As frustrating as this quest was for me, I absolutely loved every moment of it. The premise of this quest is that there is an unexplored mine deep in the woods of Morytania. In it is supposed to be a sacred crystal that is being protected by a mage of Zamorak, and you as the adventurer decide to go within the mine to try and find this crystal. After many attempts at the boss, I finally defeated him with my Iban staff and was able to get my hands on the crystal. The salve amulet has not only looked incredible with most of my outfits, but it has helped a lot during my killing of the undead.


Gertrude’s Cat

This was a simple quest about a woman (more like crazy cat lady) who has lost her cat and needs your help finding it. At the end you receive a chocolate cake, a bowl of stew, and a kitten that you can take care of. This was my very first member quest ever and I was so excited when I found out that you could have a pet cat.


Icthlarin’s Little Helper

There is unrest deep within the desert as the city of the dead, Sophanem, has closed it’s gates to everyone who is considered an outsider. As the adventurer, you meet a wanderer in the middle of the desert that sends you on a journey to do her bidding. I loved this quest because I didn’t see it coming. I loved when I found out that everything I was doing for this woman was bad, and that she was actually a demi-god with a rough past. I also loved the locusts that roamed around the city, the sphinx, and the fact that my cat from Gertrude’s Cat ended up being useful for a purpose other than just having it around. It gave me the feeling of Egyptian history unlike the other cities in the desert.



The High Priest of Icthlarin has told you that Sophanem’s people want to lift the quarantine that was placed over them due to the plague that had been spread by Icthlarin, but that the people of Menaphos will not allow it. It is the duty of the adventurer to help. I had a love-hate relationship with this quest because of the end. There is an underground tunnel maze full of minions of Scarabas: Mages (attack with magic), and two types of Scarab riders (attack with melee or range).

When the minions are not attacking you, you have to watch out for the traps that could also inflict high levels of damage on you. Then there was the Giant Scarab that you have to defeat at the end. I literally tried ten times, but every time his minions would pop up and destroy me. I finally defeated him after I completed Underground pass and came back with my Iban staff.


Underground Pass

This quest is the third part of the Ardougne story-line and one of my personal favorites. It’s about a tunnel that has been opened after thousands of years for you to explore to see what is the safest route to the other side. It’s full of puzzles, brain games, traps, monsters, and an adventure that is unique to each player. My mind was totally blown by this quest because it opened my eyes to what Jagex could really do with their world of Runescape.



The reason for discovering the Underground Pass, King Lathas of Ardougne has recruited you to travel to the other side and defeat the evil King Tyras. This takes you to a whole other world that is nothing like the rest of Runescape, full of elves and beauty all on it’s own, and nothing is as peaceful as it appears. I loved this quest because of the land of Isfadar. At first it was difficult to find my way around (even with the map), but once I got the hang of it I found it fun to travel around. And the part where you find out that you are working for the bad guys was great, too. I never saw that coming!


Sea Slug

I decided to do this quest so I could get the fishing experience that I needed to get to the next level, but I ended up loving it. There has been a sudden presence of strange creatures inhabiting the fishing platform, and many fisherman have gone missing. A woman recruits you to find out what is going on, and locate her husband and son. It turns out these creatures are sea slugs that attach themselves to humans and control them. Talk about creepy!


In search of the Myreque

Another quest in the Morytania series, there is a darkness over the land and a stranger wants to recruit you to help the group that are trying to fight against it. So it’s your job to find these people that are hiding somewhere around the land (or under it). I really enjoyed this one.


In aid of Myreque

I enjoyed this one more than the first because I gained access to a town called Burgh De Rott that I didn’t know how to enter before. It had a bank and I really needed to use it on countless occasions. (Unfortunately, once I did the quest I never found myself in a situation to need it again). This one is about helping the myreque find a new hiding spot for their clan in Burgh de Rott after an attack reveals their original hideout.


Lunar Diplomacy

This quest introduces you to the Moon Clan who live on a remote island and keep to themselves. They have been feuding with the Fremniks and now you have been recruited to settle their disputes. I loved this quest for a lot of the same reasons that I loved A Soul’s Bane. During this quest, you have to convince the Moon Clan that Fremniks are not what they think they are. To do this, you are tasked with proving the strength of your own mind by traveling into your subconscious. With each test, you learn more about yourself and the obstacles of life. There was such deeper meaning to this quest than any of the others.


Dream Mentor

This is the sequel to Lunar Diplomacy, except instead of having to evaluate yourself, you have to help a fallen soldier evaluate himself and overcome his fear of fighting. Even though there were parts of this quest that were frustrating, I really enjoyed the story-line behind this one.

As I said before, these are not the only quests that I absolutely loved during my completion of getting my quest cape. But there’s one-hundred and twenty-eight of them so writing about each one would be such a task. Be looking for my list of the top quests that I couldn’t stand, as well as more quest related stuff!

Runescape Memes Part III

Alright I’m a little late on the weekly Runescape Meme post, but this one was worth the wait for me. I don’t always know if other people will find these as funny as I do, and if you don’t that’s okay. My main goal is to make OSRS and RS3 players laugh, and to make former players remember the good times. So let’s get started.


I remember when construction came out because I spent forever getting it leveled. I also remember how expensive it was, and always being broke because everything I made went into that skill. I definitely don’t miss how I sucked at playing games back then!


Oh man, that first time you log into Runescape from Tutorial Island and you have to pick your character’s appearance. Now they have a lot more options which I like. Currently mine is pulled back into a mess of curls. It’s quite nice.


I didn’t know this back when I was a kid, but apparently this was one of the most used scams in the game. I didn’t come across it though. If I did I would have fallen for it for sure.


I want to meet whoever came up with this one. Kudos.


This is so wonderful. I love the editing they did with the ice barrage.


When I saw this one, I got so happy inside.I don’t know why. Even though I voted for him, I still laugh at him all the time.


I noticed that when they finally cracked down the servers were pretty clear of any population. And now that RS3 came out, the members worlds are empty. They even had to make specific theme worlds. Like W358 is the blast furnace world and W309 is Wintertodt.


This is another one of those scams that people fell for. I’m proud to say I did come across it and never fell for it. No way was I giving up my awesome steel. (LOL!)

And those are my amazing Runescape memes for this week. For me, they were more of a memoria of the past Runescape clich├ęs. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed them.

Obor: The Hill Titan


Obor the hill titan is a new boss that Jagex added for the F2P (free to play, or people who don’t pay for the membership). He resides in a small room on the other side of the gates located on the west wall of the hill giant area under Varrock.


To gain access to Obor, you must kill hill giants until one of them drops a “giant key.” This will permit you to kill Obor one time.


When you enter the lair, you will be in a small room. This is where you prepare to fight Obor by drinking a combat boosting potion (range, magic, or melee type potions such as strength and attack), and you can also turn on a protection prayer.


Once you are ready, climb down the rocks and he will immediately attack you. He attacks with both range and melee. Once he is dead, you can receive a number of items such as rune armor, herbs, limpwurt roots, runes, and much more. My favorite drop is the hill giant club, but I haven’t gotten that one yet.


My overall opinion is that it’s not really a boss that benefits me because I’m such an established member that the drops aren’t worth camping out in hill giants. I’m more of a Wintertodt-Zulrah boss girl. However, I can see the benefits for F2P players, especially if they are iron man players because F2P iron man can’t get full rune armor otherwise. As well as the money benefits since he drops a lot of roots, runes, and rune armor.

My method for defeating him is melee. I use my god sword, or a dragon scimitar, and my bandos rune armor (because he’s pretty easy so you don’t need anything fancy). Then once I’m in the small room I like to take a dose of my strength potion and attack potion and turn my protect from range on (because it does more damage than his melee attacks). I usually don’t use more than two sharks for food unless I’m not paying attention, and I also have him defeated within less than thirty seconds.

If you are a F2P and don’t have access to the weapons and armor I just listed, regular adamant or rune armor is fine for killing him. In fact, I’m pretty sure you could defeat him in mithril and even steel. Use a scimitar or maybe a two-handed sword. Bring lobsters and swordfish as your food, and a strength potion.

Monkey Madness II

So after months of preparing for the new quest that Jagex decided to grace us with, I finally completed it (along with the help of my amazing boyfriend). The quest was just as awful as I thought it’d be, although I didn’t get as upset with it as I did with Mourning’s End Part II.

As a recap, the first quest (Monkey Madness) took place with King Narnode of the Gnomes seeking your help to find a fleet that he sent out East of an Island called Karamja. You’re job is to find out why they didn’t return. The reason: because Ape Atoll is awful and the monkies are murderers. That whole quest had you constantly running, getting poisoned by every creature on the island, and getting attacked by everything. It was basically a suicide mission to anyone without a good combat (and hit points) level. Eventually you make two items called a M’speak amulet (which allows you to communicate with monkies) and a greegree (which is a talisman that disguises you as a monkey).

Continuing the gnome story is Monkey Madness II. The rogue gnome, Glough, has recruited others to turn against King Narnode and start a war using biochemical warfare. It’s your job to find out what his plans are and stop him before he wages war against the Stronghold. To finish this quest you have to have skill requirements of seventy crafting, seventy slayer, sixty hunting, and at least 60 fire making. You have to have also freed King Awowogei in Recipe for disaster, and completed Enlightened Journey (to unlock the balloon transport system to Gnome Stronghold with sixty fire making), The Eyes of Glouphrie, Troll Stronghold, and Watchtower Quest.

You know that feeling of satisfaction when you are doing a quest on a game and you are succeeding at every step and then something crazy happens and you have no idea what’s going on? This is when my brain first fried.

My first memorable moments were trying the tanking method to get through Kruk’s dungeon. Kruk is the head General for the monkey king, Awowogei, and you’re assigned to kill him to obtain his paw to make a greegree. Greegrees are used to disguise you as a monkey to make it safer for you to travel around the island. King Awowogei will only talk about his war plans with his head general. This dungeon is a lot like the first dungeon in part I, except there many different routes and the way you go is specific to you. So no guide can tell you which direction to go. Hundreds of Maniacal monkies are shooting things at you and you are getting a lot of damage and being poisoned as well. It doesn’t help that greegrees don’t work down there. It’s best to take lots of prayer potions, stamina potions, a couple anti-poisons, and Saradomin brews. Also wear really good tanking gear like Torags. Always have a one click teleport, too, because anything you take with you you will lose if you die and it won’t be there when you go back.

Later I found out that there is an agility method for those who don’t have the stats to handle the tanking method (which is unreal to me seeing as how I’m level ninety-five combat and my hit points is seventy-nine). It requires at least sixty agility and you don’t really fall unless you try to go a way that isn’t specific to you. Once you make it to Kruk’s room he uses range and hits really hard. It’s best to use range or magic on him and make sure he doesn’t come near you. If he corners you, protect from melee and run past him. When he’s dead you can just teleport out, but remember to take his paw. Then go and run through the dungeon from part I and get it turned into a greegree.

My next memorable part was the airlift docks after you find out that they are building planes. This is a maze where you have to find satchels on one end of the platform, fill them with explosives on another end, and then travel around and find the correct spots to set them all without getting caught by the monkey guards (all an attempt to sabotage their mission). If you get caught, you’ll end up at the boat again and any explosives you have get ruined by water. Getting the satchels was difficult for me, but once I got the explosives I made it to the first five spots without getting caught. It didn’t take me long to get the last explosive and find where it went. Once you place them all, you just get caught and then use the boat.


Basically what the maze looks like. You don’t actually need that many super energies or stamina pots with you.

Completing the maze isn’t as difficult as it seems at first. The guards see five to six steps in front of them, and they also have the same rounds. Use your mini map to learn their routes and click where to go next. You can see any nicks in the sides of the map. Now there are spots where the guards will see you when they turn back so you can’t spend too long there. After a few times you’ll learn those. It’s best to plan two steps ahead when it comes to those.


This is Steve, Nieve’s brother.

After that, my next memorable moments were trying to fight the bosses. You get the help of Nieve (Stronghold slayer master), who helps you defeat the first couple of monkies. The mutated gorillas attack with range and the demonic gorillas attack with range and magic. Once you kill the first gorilla, a demonic one will appear. Whatever attack method you are using on it it will turn a protection prayer on for that method, so it’s best to prepare for two methods. Once you defeat those monkies, Nieve will be killed by a boulder (you’re new slayer master is now her brother, Steve) and Glough will take the mutagen he used to change the monkies and turn into a giant with a crab claw.


One of my first attempts at Glough.

You can bank before you begin this battle. The first time you defeat him, he uses melee so you can safe-spot him in the doorway. When his health goes down he will escape to the next room where he will use range. These hits are really high and if you don’t do it right you will waste a lot of food and potions. There’s a video on you-tube of ways you can safe-spot him in this room where he doesn’t attack back. The third room he uses magic and his highest hit is thirty. You can’t safe-spot him, but there is a method which you can also find on you-tube.

I used many different set ups trying to figure it out. I used melee and range. For melee I used my dragon scimitar a couple of times and a obby shield. Then I switched to my whip, and for range I used a toxic blowpipe with rune darts. My armor changed a lot but mostly it was Torags and d’hide. My inventory had two restores, two prayer potions, and the rest was angler fish. I also used sharks, karambwan, and manta-rays. It took almost twenty tries between my boyfriend and I. I died a total of five times due to mis-clicks. If you have ever experienced the Jad, you will understand that one mis-click and you screwed yourself. With Glough it’s all about timing.

After that, you have a meeting with King Awowogei and King Narnode and you are given access to Ape Atoll without the use of a greegree. So now when you go through the gate the guards say, “Open the gates, an ally wishes to pass!” instead of “Open the gates, a monkey wishes to pass!”

Congrats, quest completed. I am never doing it again on any of my future accounts. On the bright side, I got my quest cape back!


In these two photos I am wearing the mime shirt and pants, vyrewatch boots, void gloves, a fury amulet, and of course the quest cape and hood.




Runescape Memes Part II

I was sorting through Runescape memes again (laughing, of course) and decided that I would share some more of my favorite ones. Most of these made me laugh because of the memories they brought back. I feel that these are more of an “Oh my gosh, I remember that!” Type thing. I’m also going to put what each one says in case the words are too small. So here goes.


The girl says, “Are you sure this place is safe?”

I’m going to admit that I got tricked into going into the wild with people who claimed they were just a friend that was showing me around. It was especially heartbreaking when I was only out of tutorial island for five minutes when it happened the first time. However, judging by this meme the girl was an idiot. He has a skull!


“When your girlfriend runs away from you, but runs into the wildy instead.”

I think this one is hilarious because a long time ago there wasn’t a ditch that separated the space between the safe zone and the wild. So if you ran into the wild by accident and got attacked it sucked for you. I saw a bunch of people that were trying to run away from internet trollers head right into the wild and got killed immediately. This just doesn’t happen anymore.


Guy One: You should eat.
Guy Two: I’m a Vegan

I’m not sure if the comment, “I’m a vegan” is supposed to mean that vegans don’t eat, or that he can’t eat any of the food in RuneScape because he’s a vegan. Either way, heal your health, dude.


Sign says, “This isn’t feminism” Bottom says, “This is feminism.”
Girl says, “You can;t just buy a gf. Girls aren’t property.”

I don’t know why dudes thought that they could have a girlfriend for money. I always thought it was funny because it was usually the poor dudes that were trying to get a girl. “I’ll buy you for 20k.” This was an real thing someone said to me while I was playing. Also, why would you want a girlfriend in a game? What purpose did that serve?


“Finally gets adopted. Spends six years in bank.”

When I saw this one I suddenly felt so bad for the cat that is still sitting in the bank of my old account. It’s probably dead by now!


Bae: “I’m cold”
Me: “Don’t worry, I got you baby.”

This one made me laugh because this is totally me and my boyfriend. Since we are both runescape players, we are always making references, and since Wintertodt came out a lot of them have been fire making related. He actually just hit 90 fire making today.


“Be brave. Take risks.”

And this is forever my favorite. I’ll probably put it in every Runescape meme collection. I remember when I decided to mine there and all the scorpions decided I was awesome. Ha ha!

And those are my runescape memes for this week. Hope you enjoyed!

Quest Cape

When I started playing again almost a year ago, I knew what my crowning achievement would be: the quest cape. In my earlier blog post I explained what this was (a cape and hood that you earn after completing all the quests). Around Thanksgiving last year I decided to finally go for it, so I found out all the stats that I would need to complete all the quests and binged it. I got my wood cutting up to 71, my cooking to 70, my smithing to 65, and so on. After two months of mad skilling, I got Runescaped out. I took a break for a month. Every single time I logged on I just couldn’t focus enough to complete quests.

But I  got back into it and within another month I had all 245 quest points, and for those of you who play I know what you are thinking. “245? There’s supposed to be 246.” Yeah, you’re right. You can imagine my agony when I went to the wise old man about buying my cape and found out that there was a whole other thing I had to do involving my least favorite quest, “Rag and Bone Man.”

Rag and bone man is a quest where you help this random guy out by collecting and cleaning special bones from monsters. To collect them you have to kill the monster. To clean them, you have to put the bone in a pot of vinegar and boil them over an iron spit (ONE AT A TIME). The whole point is that this guy is a loon that tells you he’s collecting them for the Varrock Museum. Who knows!

Even though you finish the quest you aren’t actually done. There’s a whole other part of it called “The Wishlist.” You read a piece of paper on his door that has a list of twenty-seven different creatures that he wants bones from. So I went all over that game killing these monsters until they dropped me my bones. Talk about painful! I did get a cool bone bag though. It’ll never get worn as long as I have my cape.

But I finally got it and I wear it with everything. Unfortunately, I found out that they are coming out with Monkey Madness 2! So now I have to get level 60 hunting, 70 slayer, and 70 crafting. Ugh! More information about that one will come as soon as it’s completed!

Here are some screenshots of me completing a few of the quests.

Quest - 2016.01.16_07-33-18

Quest - 2016.01.16_07-48-45

Quest - 2016.04.19_22-59-15

And here’s me enjoying my quest cape:

2016.05.04_02-30-28 Ranged Level (65) Smithing Level (68) Slayer Level (51)