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Runescape Memes Part VI

So it’s been a long while since I have posted anything, and it’s really surprising how much time went by. The last month and a half have been really hectic in my professional and personal life to the point to where I forgot I had a blog for a while. From dealing with the legal system to losing a best friend, and going from feeling like my life was falling apart to be being okay again, it’s ben rough. That’s why I’m happy to do another Runescape Memes post. These always make everything a little brighter (even if they aren’t that funny!) because they are so true.


These people always annoyed me back when I began playing. Especially now that I know how easy it is to make money in the game. I feel like this is their exact expression when they decide they’re going to do it too. “Oh, I have forty-five million in the bank but I’m still going to beg for money.” Or, “I don’t feel like doing anything on here. I’m going to beg for money.”


I laughed when I saw this one because of how right it is. Whoever made it, I give you kudos. Last year was a tough year for everyone with the election and other political debates. I hope this year is better.


This quest has always made me mad. Both Romeo and Juliet were written to be so stupid, especially Romeo.


I have always loved these memes, and when I saw this I almost died laughing. This is my second favorite to the “I asked if he wanted shrimp for dinner, he called me a noob,” one.


When construction first came out I was so excited. It’s funny because ever since I was younger I would always picture this when I thought about decorating my living space (whether it was a house, bedroom, etc).


I chose this one solely for the fact that it involves Harry Potter. If I looked into that mirror, that is exactly what I’d see.


This is when anyone won’t leave you alone. In real life, I’ll tell people to stop ice barraging me, or say, “Begone, Tele block!”


I had many of these moments while getting my quest cape. Especially when I went to go buy it and the Wise Old Man told me that I didn’t have all the requirements. I still have to do the wish list from Rag and Bone Man. Oh, I was so mad!

Runescape Memes Part V

This week I picked out a set of memes that I thought were really funny. I’m still working on some ideas for my own Runescape memes, and I’m considering doing some hardcore Ironman ones since I’ve had my account for about a week and a half now. Until then, however, I have more from google.


I wish I would have thought about stuff like this when I was younger. I had a male friend who would have probably fallen for it, too. Back then, Santa hats were one-hundred and twenty-million coins. I would have died if I would have had that much money.


So when I was younger, I didn’t know that there were bots in the game. I just figured that those people just didn’t want to talk to me. When I started playing again, everyone was talking about how the game was flooded with them, and now I see them a lot. Member’s worlds usually don’t have them unless what they are botting is a member’s only thing like magic trees or monkfish. I found this meme funny because of the tiny fist that it’s zoomed in on. I never realized that the characters have balled up fists. Ha ha.


I think we are all guilty of having a Runescape YouTuber or moderator that we adored, and added them hoping that they would log on and talk to you when you said hi. I was never that fortunate, and it’s pretty sad. I thought this was funny because you can picture this in real life when you had a crush and was hoping they would notice you sitting right behind them in class.


This doesn’t happen as much anymore now that we have the glorious OSBuddy client where we can look up player’s stats on our own. However, I do sometimes get someone who doesn’t have OSB that asks. I used to find it funny that no matter what you said your level was, everyone said, “Nice.”


When I first decided to post this one I thought I’d be giving my secret away, but then I realized that I’m honest with people and actually tell them that I can’t go out because I’ve got major grinding to do on Runescape. Haha, no one understands me.


You don’t see this much anymore, but remember when you couldn’t walk from Lumbridge to Varrock without getting ten offers to buy you as a girlfriend or boyfriend? Those were the days. Part of me was hoping that I’d get those offers again when I started playing after eight years because I have such great comebacks now. I only got two though.


I never noticed that there were plants called, “Drakes” around the game, so I thought this meme was really funny. Of course someone would come up with the idea to put Drake’s face on a flower.


The greatest salty player right here. I loved those people who were so tech savvy that when someone was mean to them or whatever they were able to completely destroy their accounts. Teaches them the lesson to be nice over the internet. Unfortunately, when I got hacked it wasn’t because I hurt anyone’s feelings. Someone was just being mean.


My boyfriend and I talk like this all the time. “Honey, there isn’t a skill for that yet.” or, “Will you make me food? I don’t have as high of a cooking level as you.”

Hopefully next week my list will consist of memes that I made myself. Maybe, maybe not.

Society Vs. Woman Part II

It’s come to my attention today that there is now a new tax on woman’s sanitary products because it is a “luxury” for us to use them. This is infuriating to me because we already pay a tax on everything we buy, but now there’s a “luxury” tax. That’s like the time I found out the restaurant I used to work at charged an extra $0.10 to stir cheese in eggs. Tampons and pads are a basic necessity and if someone doesn’t agree with me then I’ll bleed all over your bed and see what you say then.

So I’ve been trying to find reason and understanding in this whole thing. If we don’t wear these “luxury” sanitary products we will ruin our clothes, get completely ridiculed by the public, feel even more gross about ourselves than we normally do because there’s blood everywhere, not to mention all the health problems we would be risking because we are not properly disposing of the blood itself.

When I was in 4th grade and was first taking what they called “sex ed,” which for my age group consisted of separating the boys from girls and teaching each group about our still growing bodies, they taught it to us like it was something embarrassing. “When it happens no one has to know about it. You just wear the pad and don’t tell anyone.” Instead of first saying that there was nothing to be ashamed about.

I’m honestly so sick and tired of the issues that I have faced in my life because I have a period. Yep. I said that to everyone who is reading. I’m not going to sugar coat it or talk about it in hushed whispers or pretend like it doesn’t exist. I’m not going to say to myself, “If I don’t talk about it then no one else will know about it either.” Because that isn’t true and I don’t care if people know it. The only time I ever cared was before I actually got one.

In high school if boys were bothering me or any of my friends all I had to do was say, “Does anyone have a tampon?” Or another comment pertaining to that time of the month and they scattered like roaches when someone turns a light on.

And guys grow up thinking that it’s something embarrassing. They don’t hesitate to talk about their own bodily functions and what goes on with them but you bring up the subject of menstruation and BAM: instant subject change. Guys are terrified of the thought of buying sanitary products for their family members/girlfriends. (Apparently, that comes with maturity. )

When I was younger and my sister asked me to run into the store to buy her tampons I was embarrassed by it because that’s what I was being taught. (People want to blame parents for the things their kids say and do or the way that they feel but compared to the influence of other people around them and what they see in this world, parents don’t have a prayer).

We are taught that it’s gross and that no one should know about it. It’s an unspoken topic that isn’t appropriate to speak of. That we are less of a woman when we have it. There are cultures that believe that woman shouldn’t cook, or sleep in their own houses, etc just because of their normal bodily function.

Well we are not less of a woman. In fact, our periods make us more of a woman because we are the creators of life. Our very existence relies on a woman’s ability to form a child in her body. Menstruation is a part of that ability.

And no one takes that as seriously as they should. With the growing number of teenage pregnancies (even the children who haven’t reached that stage in their lives), the rate of abortions, and the degrading of woman around the world. the beauty of giving life is now meaningless.

I hate to say it but we all know that in the last few years the war on men and woman, the war on race, the war on homosexuality,  etc has become more extreme. In my last post about woman, I was urging woman to think more about how they present themselves because quite a bit of the reason for how woman have been being treated is because a lot of woman have taken the rights we have and twisted them to mean something completely different than what they were meant to be for.

But this time I’m addressing the war on woman that has made us the way we are. The way we are raised and publicly scrutinized. This needs to stop, this needs to change. We are not gross. We are not embarrassing. We are not sex objects. We are beautiful, intelligent, and worth so much more. It’s time to start standing up for it, acting like it, and believing it.

Runescape Memes Part IV

Alright, so looking for Runescape memes has officially become a hobby of mine. In fact, I’m thinking about making my own here pretty soon because I’ve got a lot of ideas that would be really cool. While I was looking them up, I found a couple of pictures of Runescape-themed merchandise that I really want in my life.


I’m not into “Yo mama” jokes, but for some reason when they are Runescape themed, I fall apart. For those who don’t know, “Chins” is short for “Chinchompa.” These are little ferret-like creatures that you catch to use as a ranging weapon. When you throw them at something they explode. I laughed so hard at this one that I almost rolled out of bed.


I did fall out of bed at this one. I found this meme a long time ago and decided that I would share it because it has so much meaning to my boyfriend and I. Also to one of my Runescape friends that will find every reason to call me a noob even though my stats are pretty breathtaking. I really like how you can apply Runescape to just about everything in life.


One day, I’m going to have a daughter tell me that she has a boyfriend and I’m going to say, “Now you worked so hard at achieving your slayer cape, so don’t do anything stupid. You know boys are only out to get one thing.” And she’s going to be like, “I know, mom. My username and password.” #parentgoals


I decided to share this one because of how true it is. Every time someone brought up Runescape or I thought about it, I had to log on to see what was new and play it. I started when I was ten and quit at thirteen after getting hacked and having everything taken from me. I started playing a little over a year ago and haven’t stopped.


One word: bots. Once I was walking around and these other players started to follow me around wearing the same outfit I had on. I love when that stuff happens.


When I first read this I wasn’t sure what “fire cape problems” were, and then I just figured that it probably meant someone was having issues killing the Jad to get their cape. I still haven’t gotten mine and I’m not sure if I ever will. My quest cape is the cape for me (until I get my farming cape). But right after I get the farming cape, I’m getting my fire making cape so that I can trim my farming cape and make it look cool.


This is one of my favorites. There are no words to describe how sunny the game looks and then there’s no actual sun. I like when you find your way to the edge of the game and there’s complete darkness. I discovered it in the desert once.


I miss these moments from back before the grand exchange and the amount of players that have switched to other game modes like RS3, Darkscape, and Deadman. Lucky for me, though. I don’t have to share magic trees!

And the grand finale. I saw these mixed in with memes and realized my intense need to have this outfit in my life. It is track pants and a sweater, but I won’t be running in them.



Runescape Memes Part II

I was sorting through Runescape memes again (laughing, of course) and decided that I would share some more of my favorite ones. Most of these made me laugh because of the memories they brought back. I feel that these are more of an “Oh my gosh, I remember that!” Type thing. I’m also going to put what each one says in case the words are too small. So here goes.


The girl says, “Are you sure this place is safe?”

I’m going to admit that I got tricked into going into the wild with people who claimed they were just a friend that was showing me around. It was especially heartbreaking when I was only out of tutorial island for five minutes when it happened the first time. However, judging by this meme the girl was an idiot. He has a skull!


“When your girlfriend runs away from you, but runs into the wildy instead.”

I think this one is hilarious because a long time ago there wasn’t a ditch that separated the space between the safe zone and the wild. So if you ran into the wild by accident and got attacked it sucked for you. I saw a bunch of people that were trying to run away from internet trollers head right into the wild and got killed immediately. This just doesn’t happen anymore.


Guy One: You should eat.
Guy Two: I’m a Vegan

I’m not sure if the comment, “I’m a vegan” is supposed to mean that vegans don’t eat, or that he can’t eat any of the food in RuneScape because he’s a vegan. Either way, heal your health, dude.


Sign says, “This isn’t feminism” Bottom says, “This is feminism.”
Girl says, “You can;t just buy a gf. Girls aren’t property.”

I don’t know why dudes thought that they could have a girlfriend for money. I always thought it was funny because it was usually the poor dudes that were trying to get a girl. “I’ll buy you for 20k.” This was an real thing someone said to me while I was playing. Also, why would you want a girlfriend in a game? What purpose did that serve?


“Finally gets adopted. Spends six years in bank.”

When I saw this one I suddenly felt so bad for the cat that is still sitting in the bank of my old account. It’s probably dead by now!


Bae: “I’m cold”
Me: “Don’t worry, I got you baby.”

This one made me laugh because this is totally me and my boyfriend. Since we are both runescape players, we are always making references, and since Wintertodt came out a lot of them have been fire making related. He actually just hit 90 fire making today.


“Be brave. Take risks.”

And this is forever my favorite. I’ll probably put it in every Runescape meme collection. I remember when I decided to mine there and all the scorpions decided I was awesome. Ha ha!

And those are my runescape memes for this week. Hope you enjoyed!

Runescape Memes Part 1.

So my mind blew up today when I discovered Runescape memes. I don’t know why I never thought that any existed, but I’m pretty mad at how much time I’ve wasted looking at other memes. Some were funny and some were very cool, so I thought I’d share a few that I saw today.


We all know about the random event where a troll named Flippa appears and offers the chance to play pinball. However Runescape’s version of pinball isn’t what you would normally think it is. Her famous line, “You like hitting things?” Is perfect for when she appears during combat. I laughed pretty hard at this one. Plus, random events always show up at either the best time or worst time. There’s never been an even middle in my experience.


The caption that was under this when I saw it on Facebook was, “I don’t know who this kid is, but keep preaching!” For those who don’t know what “bots” are, they’re a program where your avatar can play the game without you having to hit any buttons.  I laughed at this because I remember when I would take tests in school and put random stuff down when I didn’t know the answer. There is always a huge amount of bots chopping down all the yew trees, fishing, spinning bow strings, or doing some other skill that interferes with what we real players are doing.


This meme had me rolling. The funny thing about old school Runescape is that you had the option to change your face features, but the graphics were so bad that you couldn’t tell the difference. 


I just want to throw it out there that I absolutely hated this quest. Whoever wrote the quest was not a hero. They were somebody that thought it’d be funny to tick people off. It took me seven hours to complete Mourning’s End Part 2. Most of that time I was trying to cross an agility obstacle on a wall and kept failing. The thing that made me mad was that you need level 59 agility and mine was level 60. I expected to fall a few times, but not thirty in one go. Another player told me he had 56 agility and used potions to boost his level. He only fell twice. I thought I was going to lose my mind.


I laughed at this one because of how true it is. When I was in middle school my motto was “School, Runescape, repeat.” I also laugh because woodcutting (and fletching) were my favorite skills when I played in middle school.


I wanted to add this one because of how cool this is. I think one day when I graduate college I’m going to try to make a cape for what I major in. (Although it’d be cool if I could make a real life quest cape). I wonder when he plans on trimming it.