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Fishing In Piscatoris

Jagex has added skill pets to Runescape and I figured it’s about time I have something cool that wasn’t the kitten from Gertrude’s Cat or the Hellcat from Recipe For Disaster (which is just a kitten/full-grown cat that turns into a hell cat after catching evil mice long enough). I also needed a higher fishing level for completing the achievement diaries and figured that the Heron (fishing pet) would be a great pet to go for.

Unfortunately, it’s taking forever! Okay, I haven’t been playing a lot. With so much on my plate, it’s usually difficult to find time to play. However, I’ve decided to finally crack down and get to work on it (especially since it doesn’t need a lot of my attention). I started at level 63 and now I am 8.6k monkfish in and level 76. Wish me luck!

Obor: The Hill Titan


Obor the hill titan is a new boss that Jagex added for the F2P (free to play, or people who don’t pay for the membership). He resides in a small room on the other side of the gates located on the west wall of the hill giant area under Varrock.


To gain access to Obor, you must kill hill giants until one of them drops a “giant key.” This will permit you to kill Obor one time.


When you enter the lair, you will be in a small room. This is where you prepare to fight Obor by drinking a combat boosting potion (range, magic, or melee type potions such as strength and attack), and you can also turn on a protection prayer.


Once you are ready, climb down the rocks and he will immediately attack you. He attacks with both range and melee. Once he is dead, you can receive a number of items such as rune armor, herbs, limpwurt roots, runes, and much more. My favorite drop is the hill giant club, but I haven’t gotten that one yet.


My overall opinion is that it’s not really a boss that benefits me because I’m such an established member that the drops aren’t worth camping out in hill giants. I’m more of a Wintertodt-Zulrah boss girl. However, I can see the benefits for F2P players, especially if they are iron man players because F2P iron man can’t get full rune armor otherwise. As well as the money benefits since he drops a lot of roots, runes, and rune armor.

My method for defeating him is melee. I use my god sword, or a dragon scimitar, and my bandos rune armor (because he’s pretty easy so you don’t need anything fancy). Then once I’m in the small room I like to take a dose of my strength potion and attack potion and turn my protect from range on (because it does more damage than his melee attacks). I usually don’t use more than two sharks for food unless I’m not paying attention, and I also have him defeated within less than thirty seconds.

If you are a F2P and don’t have access to the weapons and armor I just listed, regular adamant or rune armor is fine for killing him. In fact, I’m pretty sure you could defeat him in mithril and even steel. Use a scimitar or maybe a two-handed sword. Bring lobsters and swordfish as your food, and a strength potion.

Old Fashioned

When my sister and I were little, we played a role-playing game called “Old Fashioned” where we pretended to be children growing up in the Victorian Era. I always found it fun to fake accents (which I’m still very bad at) and spend time with my older sister. When she found this movie called, “Old Fashioned,” I thought that it would be like the game we used to play, but instead it was very different.

There are very few love movies that I will still watch: Fireproof, War Room, and now Old Fashioned. I loved how they took Clay (Rik Swartzwelder), a former frat boy who had done and said awful things to woman, and showed how different events had led to him finding God and completely changed his life around. But he isn’t perfect and still holds grudges against himself, which is where Amber (Elizabeth Roberts) comes in. She’s a free-spirited, go where ever the wind takes me, sort of girl. Together they try to have the old-fashioned relationship that he wants and she needs.

This movie impressed me with the fact that they showed two people who both had pasts that weren’t pretty, were fearful of what the other would think of them, but then chose to look past the baggage and love each other for who they became. This is the cutest love story I’ve ever seen.