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Society Vs. Woman Part II

It’s come to my attention today that there is now a new tax on woman’s sanitary products because it is a “luxury” for us to use them. This is infuriating to me because we already pay a tax on everything we buy, but now there’s a “luxury” tax. That’s like the time I found out the restaurant I used to work at charged an extra $0.10 to stir cheese in eggs. Tampons and pads are a basic necessity and if someone doesn’t agree with me then I’ll bleed all over your bed and see what you say then.

So I’ve been trying to find reason and understanding in this whole thing. If we don’t wear these “luxury” sanitary products we will ruin our clothes, get completely ridiculed by the public, feel even more gross about ourselves than we normally do because there’s blood everywhere, not to mention all the health problems we would be risking because we are not properly disposing of the blood itself.

When I was in 4th grade and was first taking what they called “sex ed,” which for my age group consisted of separating the boys from girls and teaching each group about our still growing bodies, they taught it to us like it was something embarrassing. “When it happens no one has to know about it. You just wear the pad and don’t tell anyone.” Instead of first saying that there was nothing to be ashamed about.

I’m honestly so sick and tired of the issues that I have faced in my life because I have a period. Yep. I said that to everyone who is reading. I’m not going to sugar coat it or talk about it in hushed whispers or pretend like it doesn’t exist. I’m not going to say to myself, “If I don’t talk about it then no one else will know about it either.” Because that isn’t true and I don’t care if people know it. The only time I ever cared was before I actually got one.

In high school if boys were bothering me or any of my friends all I had to do was say, “Does anyone have a tampon?” Or another comment pertaining to that time of the month and they scattered like roaches when someone turns a light on.

And guys grow up thinking that it’s something embarrassing. They don’t hesitate to talk about their own bodily functions and what goes on with them but you bring up the subject of menstruation and BAM: instant subject change. Guys are terrified of the thought of buying sanitary products for their family members/girlfriends. (Apparently, that comes with maturity. )

When I was younger and my sister asked me to run into the store to buy her tampons I was embarrassed by it because that’s what I was being taught. (People want to blame parents for the things their kids say and do or the way that they feel but compared to the influence of other people around them and what they see in this world, parents don’t have a prayer).

We are taught that it’s gross and that no one should know about it. It’s an unspoken topic that isn’t appropriate to speak of. That we are less of a woman when we have it. There are cultures that believe that woman shouldn’t cook, or sleep in their own houses, etc just because of their normal bodily function.

Well we are not less of a woman. In fact, our periods make us more of a woman because we are the creators of life. Our very existence relies on a woman’s ability to form a child in her body. Menstruation is a part of that ability.

And no one takes that as seriously as they should. With the growing number of teenage pregnancies (even the children who haven’t reached that stage in their lives), the rate of abortions, and the degrading of woman around the world. the beauty of giving life is now meaningless.

I hate to say it but we all know that in the last few years the war on men and woman, the war on race, the war on homosexuality,  etc has become more extreme. In my last post about woman, I was urging woman to think more about how they present themselves because quite a bit of the reason for how woman have been being treated is because a lot of woman have taken the rights we have and twisted them to mean something completely different than what they were meant to be for.

But this time I’m addressing the war on woman that has made us the way we are. The way we are raised and publicly scrutinized. This needs to stop, this needs to change. We are not gross. We are not embarrassing. We are not sex objects. We are beautiful, intelligent, and worth so much more. It’s time to start standing up for it, acting like it, and believing it.

Monkey Madness II

So after months of preparing for the new quest that Jagex decided to grace us with, I finally completed it (along with the help of my amazing boyfriend). The quest was just as awful as I thought it’d be, although I didn’t get as upset with it as I did with Mourning’s End Part II.

As a recap, the first quest (Monkey Madness) took place with King Narnode of the Gnomes seeking your help to find a fleet that he sent out East of an Island called Karamja. You’re job is to find out why they didn’t return. The reason: because Ape Atoll is awful and the monkies are murderers. That whole quest had you constantly running, getting poisoned by every creature on the island, and getting attacked by everything. It was basically a suicide mission to anyone without a good combat (and hit points) level. Eventually you make two items called a M’speak amulet (which allows you to communicate with monkies) and a greegree (which is a talisman that disguises you as a monkey).

Continuing the gnome story is Monkey Madness II. The rogue gnome, Glough, has recruited others to turn against King Narnode and start a war using biochemical warfare. It’s your job to find out what his plans are and stop him before he wages war against the Stronghold. To finish this quest you have to have skill requirements of seventy crafting, seventy slayer, sixty hunting, and at least 60 fire making. You have to have also freed King Awowogei in Recipe for disaster, and completed Enlightened Journey (to unlock the balloon transport system to Gnome Stronghold with sixty fire making), The Eyes of Glouphrie, Troll Stronghold, and Watchtower Quest.

You know that feeling of satisfaction when you are doing a quest on a game and you are succeeding at every step and then something crazy happens and you have no idea what’s going on? This is when my brain first fried.

My first memorable moments were trying the tanking method to get through Kruk’s dungeon. Kruk is the head General for the monkey king, Awowogei, and you’re assigned to kill him to obtain his paw to make a greegree. Greegrees are used to disguise you as a monkey to make it safer for you to travel around the island. King Awowogei will only talk about his war plans with his head general. This dungeon is a lot like the first dungeon in part I, except there many different routes and the way you go is specific to you. So no guide can tell you which direction to go. Hundreds of Maniacal monkies are shooting things at you and you are getting a lot of damage and being poisoned as well. It doesn’t help that greegrees don’t work down there. It’s best to take lots of prayer potions, stamina potions, a couple anti-poisons, and Saradomin brews. Also wear really good tanking gear like Torags. Always have a one click teleport, too, because anything you take with you you will lose if you die and it won’t be there when you go back.

Later I found out that there is an agility method for those who don’t have the stats to handle the tanking method (which is unreal to me seeing as how I’m level ninety-five combat and my hit points is seventy-nine). It requires at least sixty agility and you don’t really fall unless you try to go a way that isn’t specific to you. Once you make it to Kruk’s room he uses range and hits really hard. It’s best to use range or magic on him and make sure he doesn’t come near you. If he corners you, protect from melee and run past him. When he’s dead you can just teleport out, but remember to take his paw. Then go and run through the dungeon from part I and get it turned into a greegree.

My next memorable part was the airlift docks after you find out that they are building planes. This is a maze where you have to find satchels on one end of the platform, fill them with explosives on another end, and then travel around and find the correct spots to set them all without getting caught by the monkey guards (all an attempt to sabotage their mission). If you get caught, you’ll end up at the boat again and any explosives you have get ruined by water. Getting the satchels was difficult for me, but once I got the explosives I made it to the first five spots without getting caught. It didn’t take me long to get the last explosive and find where it went. Once you place them all, you just get caught and then use the boat.


Basically what the maze looks like. You don’t actually need that many super energies or stamina pots with you.

Completing the maze isn’t as difficult as it seems at first. The guards see five to six steps in front of them, and they also have the same rounds. Use your mini map to learn their routes and click where to go next. You can see any nicks in the sides of the map. Now there are spots where the guards will see you when they turn back so you can’t spend too long there. After a few times you’ll learn those. It’s best to plan two steps ahead when it comes to those.


This is Steve, Nieve’s brother.

After that, my next memorable moments were trying to fight the bosses. You get the help of Nieve (Stronghold slayer master), who helps you defeat the first couple of monkies. The mutated gorillas attack with range and the demonic gorillas attack with range and magic. Once you kill the first gorilla, a demonic one will appear. Whatever attack method you are using on it it will turn a protection prayer on for that method, so it’s best to prepare for two methods. Once you defeat those monkies, Nieve will be killed by a boulder (you’re new slayer master is now her brother, Steve) and Glough will take the mutagen he used to change the monkies and turn into a giant with a crab claw.


One of my first attempts at Glough.

You can bank before you begin this battle. The first time you defeat him, he uses melee so you can safe-spot him in the doorway. When his health goes down he will escape to the next room where he will use range. These hits are really high and if you don’t do it right you will waste a lot of food and potions. There’s a video on you-tube of ways you can safe-spot him in this room where he doesn’t attack back. The third room he uses magic and his highest hit is thirty. You can’t safe-spot him, but there is a method which you can also find on you-tube.

I used many different set ups trying to figure it out. I used melee and range. For melee I used my dragon scimitar a couple of times and a obby shield. Then I switched to my whip, and for range I used a toxic blowpipe with rune darts. My armor changed a lot but mostly it was Torags and d’hide. My inventory had two restores, two prayer potions, and the rest was angler fish. I also used sharks, karambwan, and manta-rays. It took almost twenty tries between my boyfriend and I. I died a total of five times due to mis-clicks. If you have ever experienced the Jad, you will understand that one mis-click and you screwed yourself. With Glough it’s all about timing.

After that, you have a meeting with King Awowogei and King Narnode and you are given access to Ape Atoll without the use of a greegree. So now when you go through the gate the guards say, “Open the gates, an ally wishes to pass!” instead of “Open the gates, a monkey wishes to pass!”

Congrats, quest completed. I am never doing it again on any of my future accounts. On the bright side, I got my quest cape back!


In these two photos I am wearing the mime shirt and pants, vyrewatch boots, void gloves, a fury amulet, and of course the quest cape and hood.