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Medium Clue Scroll Addiction

Clue scrolls have been my new hobby on Runescape. Since I have my quest cape now I’ve been really board. Usually, when I didn’t know what to do, I’d look at my quest list and then figure it out. I’d want to complete a quest but to do that one, I needed to finish something else. However, I couldn’t do that one until I got these requirements. This gave me goals to carry out, and now I’m stuck.

So then I decided to complete the achievement guides, but the requirements are ridiculous and now I just don’t have the time. I decided to do Medium clue scrolls and I am loving them. It’s like completing quests all over again and I get some interesting rewards from them. I want to carry out four hundred because you get a scroll that you can wear and it looks like your character is following a map.

TAn accomplishment I want to make is acquiring the clue scroll outfit and pet. I haven’t been blessed with a ranger boot drop or anything of any worth, but I have gotten teleport tabs and pieces of armor that I didn’t have before which is really cool.

I’m going to continue these mini quests and hopefully, it’ll pay off pretty quick. For those who play the game, if you don’t already do clue scrolls, you should.


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