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Runescape: Top Favorite Quests

While writing a couple short stories based off of my favorite MMO, Runescape, I decided to make a list of my top favorite quests that I’ve completed over the course of playing. This isn’t an entire list since there are a lot of other quests that I really enjoyed, but these have to be my top ones that I would suggest anyone complete if they play. However, most of these have a list of other quests you must complete first.

Before you continue, I want to warn you that there are spoilers. So if you have not completed any of these quests and plan on doing so, please do not read until after you have.


A Soul’s Bane

It was not the combat that drew me to this quest but the story behind it. A little boy decides he is ready to venture out into the world only to get driven crazy by his own mind. Now twenty-five years later, an adventurer is recruited by the boy’s mother to go find him in the rift. Each level contains monster’s that you must fight in order to overcome the nightmare: rage, fear, confusion, and hopelessness. Then you must defeat the three phases of the boy, ultimately freeing him from his own insanity and returning him home. I loved the message that the only way to overcome what goes on in your mind is to fight it.


Recipe for Disaster

The evil Culinaromancer has been resurrected to try and take over all of Runescape! But with your help, and the help of Gypsy Aris, you can free each leader by feeding them their favorite food (much easier said than done).In this ten-part quest, you are tasked with having to free eight of the world leaders of Gielinor: The Mountain Dwarf, General Bentnose and Wartface, Pirate Pete, The Lumbridge Guide, Evil Dave, Skrach Uplogwee, Sir Amik Varze, and King Awowogei.

After this, you have to face the Culinaromancer himself, but not before having to defeat his minions: Agrith Na-Na, Flambeed, Karamel, Dessourt, and Gelatinnoth Mother. Even though this is the longest quest in Runescape, it is most definitely my favorite by far because of all the adventure that comes along with it. The ability to swim underwater and roaming around Ape Atoll as different forms of monkies are only two of my favorite things about this quest.


Haunted Mine

As frustrating as this quest was for me, I absolutely loved every moment of it. The premise of this quest is that there is an unexplored mine deep in the woods of Morytania. In it is supposed to be a sacred crystal that is being protected by a mage of Zamorak, and you as the adventurer decide to go within the mine to try and find this crystal. After many attempts at the boss, I finally defeated him with my Iban staff and was able to get my hands on the crystal. The salve amulet has not only looked incredible with most of my outfits, but it has helped a lot during my killing of the undead.


Gertrude’s Cat

This was a simple quest about a woman (more like crazy cat lady) who has lost her cat and needs your help finding it. At the end you receive a chocolate cake, a bowl of stew, and a kitten that you can take care of. This was my very first member quest ever and I was so excited when I found out that you could have a pet cat.


Icthlarin’s Little Helper

There is unrest deep within the desert as the city of the dead, Sophanem, has closed it’s gates to everyone who is considered an outsider. As the adventurer, you meet a wanderer in the middle of the desert that sends you on a journey to do her bidding. I loved this quest because I didn’t see it coming. I loved when I found out that everything I was doing for this woman was bad, and that she was actually a demi-god with a rough past. I also loved the locusts that roamed around the city, the sphinx, and the fact that my cat from Gertrude’s Cat ended up being useful for a purpose other than just having it around. It gave me the feeling of Egyptian history unlike the other cities in the desert.



The High Priest of Icthlarin has told you that Sophanem’s people want to lift the quarantine that was placed over them due to the plague that had been spread by Icthlarin, but that the people of Menaphos will not allow it. It is the duty of the adventurer to help. I had a love-hate relationship with this quest because of the end. There is an underground tunnel maze full of minions of Scarabas: Mages (attack with magic), and two types of Scarab riders (attack with melee or range).

When the minions are not attacking you, you have to watch out for the traps that could also inflict high levels of damage on you. Then there was the Giant Scarab that you have to defeat at the end. I literally tried ten times, but every time his minions would pop up and destroy me. I finally defeated him after I completed Underground pass and came back with my Iban staff.


Underground Pass

This quest is the third part of the Ardougne story-line and one of my personal favorites. It’s about a tunnel that has been opened after thousands of years for you to explore to see what is the safest route to the other side. It’s full of puzzles, brain games, traps, monsters, and an adventure that is unique to each player. My mind was totally blown by this quest because it opened my eyes to what Jagex could really do with their world of Runescape.



The reason for discovering the Underground Pass, King Lathas of Ardougne has recruited you to travel to the other side and defeat the evil King Tyras. This takes you to a whole other world that is nothing like the rest of Runescape, full of elves and beauty all on it’s own, and nothing is as peaceful as it appears. I loved this quest because of the land of Isfadar. At first it was difficult to find my way around (even with the map), but once I got the hang of it I found it fun to travel around. And the part where you find out that you are working for the bad guys was great, too. I never saw that coming!


Sea Slug

I decided to do this quest so I could get the fishing experience that I needed to get to the next level, but I ended up loving it. There has been a sudden presence of strange creatures inhabiting the fishing platform, and many fisherman have gone missing. A woman recruits you to find out what is going on, and locate her husband and son. It turns out these creatures are sea slugs that attach themselves to humans and control them. Talk about creepy!


In search of the Myreque

Another quest in the Morytania series, there is a darkness over the land and a stranger wants to recruit you to help the group that are trying to fight against it. So it’s your job to find these people that are hiding somewhere around the land (or under it). I really enjoyed this one.


In aid of Myreque

I enjoyed this one more than the first because I gained access to a town called Burgh De Rott that I didn’t know how to enter before. It had a bank and I really needed to use it on countless occasions. (Unfortunately, once I did the quest I never found myself in a situation to need it again). This one is about helping the myreque find a new hiding spot for their clan in Burgh de Rott after an attack reveals their original hideout.


Lunar Diplomacy

This quest introduces you to the Moon Clan who live on a remote island and keep to themselves. They have been feuding with the Fremniks and now you have been recruited to settle their disputes. I loved this quest for a lot of the same reasons that I loved A Soul’s Bane. During this quest, you have to convince the Moon Clan that Fremniks are not what they think they are. To do this, you are tasked with proving the strength of your own mind by traveling into your subconscious. With each test, you learn more about yourself and the obstacles of life. There was such deeper meaning to this quest than any of the others.


Dream Mentor

This is the sequel to Lunar Diplomacy, except instead of having to evaluate yourself, you have to help a fallen soldier evaluate himself and overcome his fear of fighting. Even though there were parts of this quest that were frustrating, I really enjoyed the story-line behind this one.

As I said before, these are not the only quests that I absolutely loved during my completion of getting my quest cape. But there’s one-hundred and twenty-eight of them so writing about each one would be such a task. Be looking for my list of the top quests that I couldn’t stand, as well as more quest related stuff!

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