Runescape Memes Part III

Alright I’m a little late on the weekly Runescape Meme post, but this one was worth the wait for me. I don’t always know if other people will find these as funny as I do, and if you don’t that’s okay. My main goal is to make OSRS and RS3 players laugh, and to make former players remember the good times. So let’s get started.


I remember when construction came out because I spent forever getting it leveled. I also remember how expensive it was, and always being broke because everything I made went into that skill. I definitely don’t miss how I sucked at playing games back then!


Oh man, that first time you log into Runescape from Tutorial Island and you have to pick your character’s appearance. Now they have a lot more options which I like. Currently mine is pulled back into a mess of curls. It’s quite nice.


I didn’t know this back when I was a kid, but apparently this was one of the most used scams in the game. I didn’t come across it though. If I did I would have fallen for it for sure.


I want to meet whoever came up with this one. Kudos.


This is so wonderful. I love the editing they did with the ice barrage.


When I saw this one, I got so happy inside.I don’t know why. Even though I voted for him, I still laugh at him all the time.


I noticed that when they finally cracked down the servers were pretty clear of any population. And now that RS3 came out, the members worlds are empty. They even had to make specific theme worlds. Like W358 is the blast furnace world and W309 is Wintertodt.


This is another one of those scams that people fell for. I’m proud to say I did come across it and never fell for it. No way was I giving up my awesome steel. (LOL!)

And those are my amazing Runescape memes for this week. For me, they were more of a memoria of the past Runescape clichés. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed them.


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