Runescape Memes Part II

I was sorting through Runescape memes again (laughing, of course) and decided that I would share some more of my favorite ones. Most of these made me laugh because of the memories they brought back. I feel that these are more of an “Oh my gosh, I remember that!” Type thing. I’m also going to put what each one says in case the words are too small. So here goes.


The girl says, “Are you sure this place is safe?”

I’m going to admit that I got tricked into going into the wild with people who claimed they were just a friend that was showing me around. It was especially heartbreaking when I was only out of tutorial island for five minutes when it happened the first time. However, judging by this meme the girl was an idiot. He has a skull!


“When your girlfriend runs away from you, but runs into the wildy instead.”

I think this one is hilarious because a long time ago there wasn’t a ditch that separated the space between the safe zone and the wild. So if you ran into the wild by accident and got attacked it sucked for you. I saw a bunch of people that were trying to run away from internet trollers head right into the wild and got killed immediately. This just doesn’t happen anymore.


Guy One: You should eat.
Guy Two: I’m a Vegan

I’m not sure if the comment, “I’m a vegan” is supposed to mean that vegans don’t eat, or that he can’t eat any of the food in RuneScape because he’s a vegan. Either way, heal your health, dude.


Sign says, “This isn’t feminism” Bottom says, “This is feminism.”
Girl says, “You can;t just buy a gf. Girls aren’t property.”

I don’t know why dudes thought that they could have a girlfriend for money. I always thought it was funny because it was usually the poor dudes that were trying to get a girl. “I’ll buy you for 20k.” This was an real thing someone said to me while I was playing. Also, why would you want a girlfriend in a game? What purpose did that serve?


“Finally gets adopted. Spends six years in bank.”

When I saw this one I suddenly felt so bad for the cat that is still sitting in the bank of my old account. It’s probably dead by now!


Bae: “I’m cold”
Me: “Don’t worry, I got you baby.”

This one made me laugh because this is totally me and my boyfriend. Since we are both runescape players, we are always making references, and since Wintertodt came out a lot of them have been fire making related. He actually just hit 90 fire making today.


“Be brave. Take risks.”

And this is forever my favorite. I’ll probably put it in every Runescape meme collection. I remember when I decided to mine there and all the scorpions decided I was awesome. Ha ha!

And those are my runescape memes for this week. Hope you enjoyed!

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