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When I started playing again almost a year ago, I knew what my crowning achievement would be: the quest cape. In my earlier blog post I explained what this was (a cape and hood that you earn after completing all the quests). Around Thanksgiving last year I decided to finally go for it, so I found out all the stats that I would need to complete all the quests and binged it. I got my wood cutting up to 71, my cooking to 70, my smithing to 65, and so on. After two months of mad skilling, I got Runescaped out. I took a break for a month. Every single time I logged on I just couldn’t focus enough to complete quests.

But I  got back into it and within another month I had all 245 quest points, and for those of you who play I know what you are thinking. “245? There’s supposed to be 246.” Yeah, you’re right. You can imagine my agony when I went to the wise old man about buying my cape and found out that there was a whole other thing I had to do involving my least favorite quest, “Rag and Bone Man.”

Rag and bone man is a quest where you help this random guy out by collecting and cleaning special bones from monsters. To collect them you have to kill the monster. To clean them, you have to put the bone in a pot of vinegar and boil them over an iron spit (ONE AT A TIME). The whole point is that this guy is a loon that tells you he’s collecting them for the Varrock Museum. Who knows!

Even though you finish the quest you aren’t actually done. There’s a whole other part of it called “The Wishlist.” You read a piece of paper on his door that has a list of twenty-seven different creatures that he wants bones from. So I went all over that game killing these monsters until they dropped me my bones. Talk about painful! I did get a cool bone bag though. It’ll never get worn as long as I have my cape.

But I finally got it and I wear it with everything. Unfortunately, I found out that they are coming out with Monkey Madness 2! So now I have to get level 60 hunting, 70 slayer, and 70 crafting. Ugh! More information about that one will come as soon as it’s completed!

Here are some screenshots of me completing a few of the quests.

Quest - 2016.01.16_07-33-18

Quest - 2016.01.16_07-48-45

Quest - 2016.04.19_22-59-15

And here’s me enjoying my quest cape:

2016.05.04_02-30-28 Ranged Level (65) Smithing Level (68) Slayer Level (51)


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