How I accidentally turned my brother into a Vampire Diaries fan

I decided that since my XBOX wasn’t being used by either my boyfriend or my brother, I would watch season seven of The Vampire Diaries on Netflix. My boyfriend usually watches whatever I put on, whether it’s Secret Life of the American Teenager or Ripper Street. However, I was not expecting my brother to get off his XBOX to come watch VD with me. It was pretty incredible. In fact, I found myself being more entertained by watching him enjoy it than by the show himself!

So at the beginning of season seven, we find the aftermath of Elena’s death and how all the characters are handling it (noticing that Damon doesn’t beg to be compelled to forget her like she did to him). Lily Salvatore is back with her heretic family who only wants to cause chaos in a new world they knew nothing about (while Lily is trying to get them to calm down). They take Caroline prisoner after Damon ruins Stefan’s treaty with her. Of course there were things I had to explain like the different relationships and who people were, as well as why everyone was sad (A.K.A. Elena is dead).

Then as the season progresses, Damon decides to find leverage to use against Lily to get their town (and house) back. He finds Oscar who is another heretic trying to find Lily’s old lover, Julian. Unfortunately, before Damon can make the trade for Caroline, Oscar is killed because of the information he has on Julian. Which brings in the business with the Phoenix Stone. This holds the souls of vampires and puts them through a Hell where they relive all the awful things they have done. However, it can also be used to bring a vampire soul back into their body (as long that you have can find the soul you are looking for).

But it wasn’t until he caught hold of the drama that I was really entertained. Heretic Valerie who turned out to be the first love of Stefan’s life meets Caroline, who is his current. Then we all found out that she had been pregnant with his baby which Julian killed by beating her senseless and that’s why she broke his heart by leaving. Alaric gets consumed with trying to bring back Jo, his pregnant fiancĂ© that was killed last season by her twin brother, from the dead using the phoenix stone. (Which we all knew would fail because she wasn’t a vampire). Damon had to fight Lily to get Elena’s body back because she took it after he ruined Stefan’s plans. Then Heretics Mary-Louise and Nora were lovers of over a century who can’t seem to get along. Nora is embracing the new world and learning everything she can, while Mary-Louise is afraid of it and is jealous of Nora’s newfound life.

My favorite part was when Mary-Louise purposed to Nora (who accepted), and then turned her back on all of them to believe Julian. My brother was so furious that he almost through his coke can at the TV. Fortunately, he remembered it wasn’t his TV and contained himself. All I pictured in that moment was Elle throwing the box of chocolates at her TV and yelling, “Liar!” In Legally Blonde.

Also, I had to explain that every time there is a plan it goes seriously wrong, as well as that I really didn’t like Julian because he was literally a knock off of Klaus, whom he met later in the show after Stefan got marked by the Huntress and came to New Orleans seeking his help. Speaking of the Huntress, when Rayna gave the curse to Bonnie, it was really irritating. I had explained before about Jeremy being a descendant of the five hunters and how they were able to retrain his mind to not want to kill every vampire he came into contact with. I also had to explain why that wouldn’t be possible with Rayna. Jeremy loved Elena, but Rayna had no connections to them (plus the fact that she had a bunch of native souls inside of her making it to where she’d come back if she died).

But out of the entire season, I had a hard time explaining why Matt is the only human in the show that has survived this long. All I could come up with was that he was Matt. He’s the only symbol for their humanity.

Now he’s upset because he found out that season eight is the last season and it will only be sixteen episodes. I admit I’m pretty upset, too. I’m also hoping that the brothers don’t die like it’s rumored.


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